Handling business

Legal work

  • Real estate relationship
  • Traffic accident
  • Medical accident (patient side)
  • Consumer damage
  • Domestic affairs (divorce, inheritance, etc.)
  • Neighboring conflict
  • Money lending
  • Bankruptcy Incident
  • Commercial (general corporate law, business succession, antitrust law etc.)
  • Intellectual property rights (copyright law etc.)
  • IT related dispute
  • Labor incidents (employer side and labor side)
  • Tax litigation
  • Criminal cases (general criminal, economic crime, juvenile case)
    * Special fields not included in the above can be handled by cooperative appointment with a cooperating attorney.

Tax accounting service

Business contract
  • Various bookkeeping work
  • Preparation of general ledger and trial chart
  • Production of financial statements
  • Corporate tax, income tax, enterprise tax, resident tax and consumption tax tax representation and preparation of tax documents
  • Presence of tax investigation
  • Guidance and consultation on accounting treatment
  • Tax consultation
Business related to property transfer
  • Survey and advice on property transfer
  • Preparation of documents concerning property transfer plan
  • Planning and advice of various financial plans accompanying property transfer
  • Tax consultation related to property transfer and preparation of tax documents
  • Presence of the tax investigation related to the above tax documents
Work on inheritance tax
  • Tax representation of inheritance tax, preparation of tax documents (inheritance tax declaration, delayed application, delivery order form)
  • Tax counseling of inheritance tax
  • Presence of inheritance tax inquiries