Introduction of our office

Teramoto Law Accounting Office is an international cooperation visiting specialist of JICA in addition to associates of Yoshio Teramoto, Yohei Tsuruma, Toshiaki Ohashi and Akiyo Yamashita, junior partner of Yamashita Hiromi, Ryuta Matsuoka, Akihiro Sawada, Yoshihiro Takezawa Mr. Isoi Miyabe, Wang Jian (Wang Ji-he) of a foreign lawyer (Chinese lawyer), Takayuki Shinabashi as a visiting lawyer, and members with diverse backgrounds deal with a wide range of incidents.

In addition to being registered as a certified tax accountant, Teramoto also conducts tax accountant services such as witnessing notes, declarations, and tax examination by affiliated tax accountants. Registration procedures are also handled within the office as a general rule (for things that are urgently needed, for complex ones, we may ask a judicial scrivener who is in cooperative relationships), once for a small business operator We provide top service. We also provide legal services to listed companies based on the abundant experience of each partner.

Please refer to each individual page for handling business of our office and career of belonging lawyer.